Homelessness Prevention

To truly end homelessness in our community, we must address the problem upstream and take steps to prevent homelessness before it begins. 

Through the countywide Homelessness Prevention System – a unique partnership between public agencies, private funders, and non-profit service providers – we’re providing temporary financial assistance, legal support and other services to help at-risk families and individuals maintain their housing and avoid falling into homelessness.

Need Help Paying Rent?

The Santa Clara County Homelessness Prevention System has assistance available for low-income families or individuals who are at risk of losing their housing.

Visit PreventHomelessness.org or view the flyers below for more information – and then call (408) 926-8885 to schedule a pre-screening appointment to determine if you qualify for assistance.

Why Focus on Prevention?

Homelessness prevention strategies have long held potential for reducing homelessness at a lower-cost and with much less suffering than waiting to assist a family or individual who’s been pushed onto the streets.  And with more of our neighbors being pushed into homelessness than ever before, a focus on prevention has never been more important.

In Santa Clara County…

69% of extremely low-income households
and 31% of very low-income households are severely rent-burdened, and often just one unexpected expense away from being unable to make rent and losing their home.

For every 1 homeless household our Supportive Housing System connects to housing, another 1.7 become homeless.


How our Homelessness Prevention System Works

The Santa Clara County Homelessness Prevention System provides critical assistance to low-income households at imminent risk of becoming homeless, including:

Temporary Financial Assistance

Legal Support

Case Management and Other Services

The system prioritizes those at the highest-risk of falling into homelessness, utilizing a standardized pre-screening interview and questionnaire to help evaluate each household’s risk and the amount and type of assistance they need to stay housed. Read more about how our Homelessness Prevention System works

Our Partners

The system is administered through a unique partnership with 19 community-serving nonprofits – with Sacred Heart Community Service as the lead – and is funded by more than a dozen different government, corporate and philanthropic partners.

Learn more about this unique model and our many Homelessness Prevention System partners

Our Results

Since the system was launched in 2017, we have helped prevent homelessness for thousands of our most vulnerable residents – demonstrating the enormous potential impact that prevention strategies can have in our efforts to end homelessness in our community:

On September 19, 2022, Destination: Home, Sacred Heart Community Service and our partners gathered together to reflect on this five-year journey and discuss the path forward as the demand for homelessness prevention, and need for continued expansion of HPS, grows. Watch the recording of the HPS Community Briefing below or click here to learn more.


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