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Bay Area Activist Enlists Tech Giants to Help End Homelessness

Destination: Home, and our CEO Jennifer Loving, were recently featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Below is an excerpt of the article, with a link to the full article (subscription required):

What do CEOs dream about? Beachfront getaways? Private jets? A hole-in-one?

Chuck Robbins, chief executive of technology giant Cisco, dreamed about homelessness. “I had people that I knew, very close to me, who were actually homeless in the dream,” Robbins recalls.

This was years before the Covid-19 pandemic, but homelessness was already on the rise in Silicon Valley. Robbins wanted to do something, so he asked Sam Liccardo, the mayor of San Jose, Cisco’s home base, for advice. “He sent Jen to my house,” Robbins says.

Jen is Jennifer Loving, the longtime executive director of a Silicon Valley nonprofit called Destination: Home. She, too, had a dream. Loving had spent decades trying to help homeless people, with mixed results. Providing them with temporary shelter, food, health care, and counseling was insufficient. “The answer to homelessness is a home,” she says. Her dream was to build homes — lots of them — expressly for homeless people.

Read the entire article on the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s website: https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Bay-Area-Activist-Enlists-Tech/249227