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The Blue Tarp Project

blue tarp portraits
A featured exhibit at San José City Hall (Council Wing building), The Blue Tarp Project: Without a Home in San José is a collection of portraits of people experiencing homelessness in our community, coupled with information on homelessness in San José.

In 2017, photographer Virginia Becker founded The Blue Tarp Project to humanize the 4,350 people experiencing homelessness in San José. To increase kindness towards and understanding of homeless people in our community, it is essential to raise awareness and correct the many commonly held misconceptions about homelessness. The Blue Tarp Project: Without a Home in San José exhibit features portraits of individuals currently or recently experiencing homelessness in our community. Displayed with permission and pride, each portrait shows an important member of our community just as they are, without makeover or staging.

For more information, subscribe to our mailing list, visit the exhibit at San José City Hall, view the myths and informational panels below, and visit The Blue Tarp Project website.

Visit bluetarpproject.com


The Blue Tarp Project: Without A Home In San José is presented by Destination: Home and The Family Album Project, with photography by Virginia Becker. First and foremost, as presenters of this exhibit, we owe a debt of gratitude to the subjects of The Blue Tarp Project portraits — the people who generously shared their image with others in order to change the conversation about homelessness in our community.

This exhibit would not be possible without Virginia and Albert Becker, Annette Hancock, Ray Watts, Lenz Arts and the Office of Mayor Sam Liccardo. We also are deeply appreciative of the support and partnership of Downtown Streets Team, HomeFirst, the Veterans Housing Facility, staff at City Hall and the Office of Cultural Affairs.