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As the public-private partnership galvanizing the community to end homelessness in Santa Clara County, Destination: Home provides grants, loans, and other forms of support for initiatives and programs that work to make homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring. The initiatives below represent past and present funding partnerships where Destination: Home has made strategic investments over the years.

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Current Investments

Homelessness Prevention

Prior to July 1, 2017, families at risk of homelessness were served through Santa Clara County’s CALWORKS program and/or through the Emergency Assistance Network (EAN). The goal of the Homelessness Prevention System is to expand families’ ability to become quickly connected to prevention services throughout our community, streamline and standardize service delivery, and measure the collective impact of homelessness prevention.
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The Supportive Housing and Innovation Fund

Launched in 2018 The Supportive Housing and Investment Fund is our principal means of channeling philanthropic investments toward solutions to end homelessness. Investments from the Fund increase the supply of supportive housing, improve data and technology utilization for the system of care, and act as a catalyst for expediting and scaling proven and innovative approaches to preventing and ending homelessness.
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Basic Needs Support

On occasion, Destination: Home will provide basic needs support, including funding for move-in kits, emergency financial assistance, and other forms of immediate aid for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. All requests are initiated through existing partner organizations.

Past Investments

Health and Wellness

Destination: Home funded the Housing Stability and Wellness Grants Program from 2016-2018 to encourage service providers to implement programs that embrace the Housing First approach and increase housing stability, wellness, and meaningful daily activity for clients participating in permanent supportive housing programs.
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Housing 1000

A partner in the national 100,000 Homes campaign, Housing 1000 was a three-year campaign to house 1,000 of our community’s most vulnerable chronically homeless men, women and families. Destination: Home served as the backbone organization for this collective impact model, bringing together homelessness service providers, public funders and strategic partners around a set of common metrics and outcomes. When the campaign ended in 2014, our community had housed 850 homeless men, women, and their families, with approximately 83 percent remaining stably housed.