Homelessness Prevention



RFP SUMMARY – Released 12/6/16
Purpose: Develop and Implement a Homelessness Prevention System for at-risk families.
Funding Available: $3.3M
Grant Term: Apr 2017 to June 2019
Proposal Deadline: Tuesday, January 31 before 5:00pm PST

Destination: Home, a program of The Health Trust is a public-private partnership galvanizing the community to end homelessness in Santa Clara County. Destination: Home is committed to making homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring and to executing the vision that was outlined in the 2015-2020 Community Plan to End Homelessness. This work will be done by focusing on the Plan’s  three strategies: 1) Disrupting Systems – We are working on developing new or disruptive strategies and innovative prototypes that transform the system related to housing homeless people; 2) Building the Solution – We are focusing on creating 6000 housing opportunities for homeless men, women, and children; and 3) Serving the Person – We are working with system partners to adopt and scale approaches that recognize the need for client-centered strategies with varying interventions for different levels of need in the community.

In partnership with government agencies and homeless service providers, Destination: Home piloted a program focused on developing a system to serve chronically homeless men and women.  That program began as a proof of concept and is now the County’s system of care for chronically homeless people.  Similar to that effort, Destination: Home will now facilitate a, 27-month pilot program with the goal of implementing a countywide homelessness prevention system and preventing all instances of family homelessness.

Currently, families at risk of homelessness are served through Santa Clara County’s CALWORKS program and/or through the Emergency Assistance Network. Our goal is to expand  families’ ability to become quickly connected to prevention services throughout our community, streamline and standardize service delivery, and measure the collective impact of homelessness prevention. To that end Destination: Home announces up to $3.3 million in funding available to local nonprofits that demonstrate a capacity to implement a Homelessness Prevention System for families at risk of homelessness. Of this funding, $900,000 is specifically available for families in Mountain View and Sunnyvale and $750,000 specifically available for families in San Jose. Through this work we will develop, implement and scale  a countywide prevention model and system of care that is focused on outcomes and best practices in preventing family homelessness.  It is anticipated that this program will be evaluated by the University of Notre Dame with benchmarks and outcomes mutually agreed upon at commencement of project.  All progress will be tracked in HMIS.


The 2015 Santa Clara County Homeless Census & Survey estimates that, on any given night, there are 6,556 men, women, and children homeless on the streets of Santa Clara County. This includes 2,169 chronically homeless individuals, 266 families, 59 unaccompanied children, and 824 transition-age youth. In 2016, cities and schools have reported an increase in the number of families that are at-risk of homelessness and the number of people sleeping in their cars.

There have been tremendous gains in Santa Clara County over the last few years in developing a coordinated system of care for chronically homeless persons. While numerous agencies are currently providing prevention and emergency assistance resources to homeless families, Santa Clara County is lacking a similarly coordinated county-wide system for preventing family homelessness with collectively shared metrics and outcomes.

In partnership with the County of Santa Clara Office of Supportive Housing and as part of implementing the activities outlined in the Santa Clara County Community Plan to End Homelessness, Destination: Home, will make funding available to nonprofit corporations to be part of a 27-month pilot that tests innovative programming to build a coordinated county wide Homelessness Prevention system and prevent all instances of family homelessness.  This RFP will coincide with the release of the County of Santa Clara Office of Supportive Housing Rapid Re-Housing RFP. Funded agencies will work with Destination: Home and the Office of Supportive Housing to create and implement a countywide homelessness prevention system that focuses on outcomes and national  best practices. Service providers will have shared data, metrics, and outcomes tracked in HMIS that will be used as a model for a system-wide homelessness prevention system.  This work will lead to a countywide prevention model and system of care that is focused on outcomes and best practices in Homelessness Prevention.


  • Applicants must be non-profit, tax-exempt organizations providing services for families who are at-risk of homelessness
  • Projects must directly benefit households that are at-risk of homelessness in Santa Clara County
  • Agencies applying should indicate the number of  families they plan to serve in Santa Clara County. If services will be provided in Mountain View and Sunnyvale, numbers for those cities should also be indicated.
  • Agencies applying should indicate their services model and how resources would be deployed to meet  the needs of families living in Santa Clara County.
  • Agencies must be willing to use a common assessment screening tool (such as the VI-SPDAT) and HMIS.


Destination: Home is awarding up to  $3.3 million over approximately 27 months (through June 2019)  to be used for the services described in this RFP. Destination: Home is seeking a provider(s) to implement a new Homelessness Prevention system for families that are at-risk of being homeless. The funded agency would be working in partnership with designated staff from the County of Santa Clara Office of Supportive Housing, existing Emergency Assistance Networks, CALWORKS and local school districts to provide resources that prevent families from entering into homelessness. The funded agency should demonstrate capacity and ability to provide prevention services to qualifying families in Santa Clara County, targeting the cities of Mountain View, San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Los Gatos and Sunnyvale.


Destination: Home is requesting proposals to implement a countywide Homelessness Prevention System designed to prevent all instances of family homelessness.  In particular Destination: Home is interested in piloting innovative approaches in preventing family homelessness.  Programs should be flexible and have the ability to provide a timely response to prevent families from becoming homeless. Applicants are encouraged to propose both the administration and oversight of the system as well as providing Homelessness Prevention resources.  Prevention programs ensure that a family does not become homeless for failing to make a rent payment, and that young adults do not exit foster care without a home. Service providers funded for this grant opportunity will be required to partner with government agencies and schools in identifying families that are at risk of homelessness. As mentioned before, this work will lead to a countywide prevention model and system of care focused on outcomes and best practices in homelessness prevention.   


  • Coordinate and implement a Countywide Homelessness Prevention System
  • Provide cash and emergency assistance to families identified via local school districts and in partnership with existing EAN agencies and CALWORKS
  • Provide financial assistance and supportive services to stabilize low-income families that are at imminent risk of losing their housing, estimated at up to $5,000 per household (including the cost of services)
  • Provide housing stability services, such as emergency and short term rental assistance, landlord mediation and financial literacy services
  • Provide housing relocation and stabilization services including security deposits, landlord mediation, credit counseling, utility deposits, utility payments, moving cost assistance, and case management
  • Data entry in HMIS and VI-SPDAT and other reporting


Your application should  explain the following:  

  1. Please describe your proposed Homelessness Prevention System.  What are the necessary components of a countywide Homelessness Prevention System?  What aspects of the project will be centralized vs decentralized? How will those functions be staffed?
  2. How your organization partners with school districts in Santa Clara County. If you do not already partner with schools, how will your organization partner with and facilitate referrals from area school districts?  Please identify specific districts you will coordinate with.
  3. How should resources and capacity be distributed across the county? What innovative methods are you proposing?  
  4. What is your organization’s definition of Homelessness Prevention resources and how do you make decisions about what households qualify?
  5. How will financial assistance be distributed?  What innovative methods are you proposing?
  6. How long do you anticipate it will take to assist a family at risk of  homelessness – from intake to providing financial support and services? Please also indicate how you will determine the family’s eligibility and how it will be measured.
  7. How will your organization use a standard countywide assessment tool (such as the Prevention VI-SPDAT) to screen families?
  8. What are the internal systems required to execute the proposed program including budgetary requirements and correlation to impact.

HOMELESSNESS PREVENTION – Be prepared to achieve and report on the following outcomes:

  1. Overarching system goal: Prevent all instances of family homelessness.
  2. 85% of families remain stably housed while receiving prevention assistance
  3. 85% of families will receive financial aid within 72 hours of application
  4. 85% of families remain stably housed for at least 12 months after the termination of assistance
  5. 85% of assisted families will not enter or re-enter emergency shelter or transitional housing within two years of termination of prevention assistance
  6. Provide homeless prevention assistance to families at a maximum of $5,000 per household (including the cost of services)  


Grantees shall be required to provide quarterly narrative reports including outcomes and financial reports to Destination: Home.  Grant payments will be disbursed in quarterly installments, with the first quarter disbursed when the grant contract is executed. Grantees are required to enter information into Santa Clara County’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). Grantees will be expected to enter data in the standard HMIS intake, gather data using HMIS, and to administer the Families Prevention/Re-Housing VI-SPDAT.


Total funding available is $3,300,000, of which $900,000 is specifically to serve families residing in Sunnyvale and Mountain View and $750,000 specifically available to families in San Jose

The maximum grant amount is $3.3M for a 27-month grant.  Applicants should indicate proposed areas served and targeted numbers of families correlating with the  budget request and estimated cost of $5,000 per family unit of prevention (including the cost of delivering those services)  with emphasis on meeting articulated outcomes over the 27 month pilot project.

The proposal narrative should not exceed five (5) pages, excluding the budget, using 1” margins and 12-point font. Please submit your application electronically via e-mail as 1 document to alejandra@destinationhomesv.org . Proposals will only be accepted via e-mail. Applications are due on Tuesday, January 31 before 5:00pm PST.

Download this Request for Proposal (PDF)
Applicant Questions and Answers (PDF)

The anticipated start date for the project is April 17th, 2017.