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Health and Wellness

With funding provided by the County of Santa Clara, Destination: Home launched the Housing Stability & Wellness Grants Program in February 2016. We encourage local service providers to develop and implement programs that will increase housing stability, wellness, and promote meaningful daily activities for clients participating in permanent supportive housing programs. Our partner agencies have adopted a Housing-First philosophy and have been working together to house chronically homeless men and women, some of whom had been homeless for more than 15 years. For many clients there is a recovery process as they adjust to being housed. The loss of stability, social roles, routines, and the uncertainty of where to sleep or find the next meal is a traumatic experience exacerbated by years on the streets.

Current Partners

In our first year we were encouraged by the creativity of our local service providers to meet the holistic needs of our formerly chronically homeless community members. Through our grantmaking process, we discovered new effective programs, and adjusted our focus for our second year of grants. We are excited to share about our current Health & Wellness partners:

Past Grantees

Downtown Streets Team & New Directions

Awarded $100,000 to launch The New Day Project, an innovative approach to providing formerly homeless individuals with meaningful daily activities. As part of The New Day Project, Team Members can engage in a Garden or Art Team. Team Members participating in the Garden Team will receive hands-on learning in the garden and the produce will be distributed to the Downtown Food Closet to serve the local low-income and homeless community. In partnership with the Pacific Art League (PAL), Team Members participating in the Art Team will participate in art classes at PAL’s gallery space. There will be opportunities for participants to display and sell the art produced from these classes.

National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) Santa Clara County

Awarded $30,000 to offer the Peer PALS and Peer Mentors program to clients participating in the County of Santa Clara’s Care Coordination Project. In both programs, NAMI works with homeless clients to help them move toward wellness through the support of a Peer PAL/Mentor. NAMI’s Peer PALS/Mentors have a lived experience of a mental illness, are doing well in their own recovery and have undergone training.


Awarded $50,000 to enhance its existing street outreach and permanent housing placement efforts in San Jose’s downtown core through the addition of a Navigator. The Navigator will be dedicated to ensuring housing retention and stabilization after clients have transitioned into permanent homes. Retention Navigators have peer-lived experience, as well as backgrounds in working with people experiencing or transitioning out of homelessness in San Jose.

Recovery Café

Awarded $50,000 to support the Recovery Circle programs, which is the heart of their community building program. Recovery Café San Jose is a healing community for those who struggle with homelessness, addiction, and mental health challenges. Recovery Café is a place where anyone seeking recovery supports can come for meals, classes, community resources, and to build positive relationships. The day’s schedule may include workshops in job or life skills, assistance in writing a resume, presentations and resources from partner agencies, health fairs, meditation, art, or jam sessions.

Have any ideas?

We are always looking for new and thoughtful ideas to support these incredible survivors toward fulfilling and healthy lives now that their suffering on the streets is over. If your organization has an idea for a future Health & Wellness initiative, please get in contact and we can discuss for future grant years.