The Homelessness Prevention System represents a unique partnership between the public, private, philanthropic and non-profit sectors to serve residents throughout our county.

Non-Profit Partners

When launching the Homelessness Prevention System in 2017, we chose to administer the system in partnership with the existing Emergency Assistance Network (EAN), with Sacred Heart Community Service as our lead partner. This model has helped ensure that families and individual in-need could quickly access prevention services throughout our community, while also streamlining and standardizing service delivery and data collection. Since then, we’ve added several other partners, including a consortium of non-profits serving Domestic Violence survivors. 

Today, we have 19 non-profit partners throughout the county helping provide homelessness prevention assistance and services to families and individuals in-need.

Our Public & Private Funders

In addition, our Homelessness Prevention System is funded through a unique public-private partnership model, with more than a dozen different funders. Of the tens-of-millions of dollars raised since our launch, about ½ has come from the government and about ½ has come from the private sector. We’d like to extend our deepest thanks to all of the generous funders of this program:

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