Homelessness Prevention System Advisory Board Application

The Homelessness Prevention System Advisory Board is a new group of current and former participants in the Santa Clara County Homelessness Prevention System. The Homelessness Prevention System is a countywide network of the nonprofits below, working to prevent families from becoming homeless. Learn more about the Homelessness Prevention System.

These nonprofit organizations will work with the Advisory Board to make improvements to the Homelessness Prevention System and create the best possible experience for families. The Advisory Board is a newly-formed group, and members will be an important voice in sharing experiences and providing feedback and suggestions.

Please complete the short questionnaire below if you are interested in being considered as an Advisory Board member. There is no set time commitment to participate, and no prior board experience is required. We will contact you as spots open up.

Thank you for your interest!

Homelessness Prevention System Advisory Board Application_English

  • Optional Questions

    The following questions are asked to inform planning and ensure appropriate accommodations are available to support Advisory Board members.