Our Areas of Focus

The Fund will invest in organizations and programs in Santa Clara County that advance the goals of the Community Plan by providing support necessary to accomplish the work over a ten-year period. Within this framework, the Fund will consider potential investments across three primary focus areas

Supportive Housing Development
Increase the supply of supportive and ELI housing for vulnerable populations by acquiring land, funding development, rehabilitating existing buildings, capitalizing reserves for operations and services, or exploring new development financing strategies, construction methods, and housing types
Data & Technology Utilization
Create, support, and improve data collection, software, and capacity in order to streamline processes, facilitate data analysis, and demonstrate impact to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the supportive housing system.
Homelessness Prevention & Housing Stability
Pilot and scale innovative strategies that prevent and reduce homelessness, and expand proven approaches such as employment programs and skills training services, rent subsidies, and emergency financial assistance.