Our Investment Approach

The problems the Fund seeks to solve are complex, requiring long-term commitment to create lasting change. As the goal of this Fund is to demonstrate the unique and critical role of private sector support and philanthropic capital in ending homelessness, the Fund will make investments and select partners thoughtfully, consistently evaluate progress, and adjust strategies when needed. Each opportunity will be evaluated based on a set of criteria, including general questions related to:

Identifying Need
Is the proposed work central to the mission of Destination: Home? Is their a critical gap to be filled? Is the issue well-defined and solvable?
Assessing Value
Will the investment increase the amount of services or housing? Will costs be reduced or new resources leveraged or obtained? Will housing be built faster or service be delivered more efficiently?
Defining Impact
What will be invested, completed, and produced? How will progress be measured towards meeting goals? What sustainable, long-term change will occur?
Evaluating Risk
What liabilities, barriers, and other impediments exist? What is the likelihood of failure and what would failure look like? What can be done to mitigate any potential challenges?