Our Role & Values

As the public-private partnership galvanizing the community to end homelessness in Santa Clara County, Destination: Home provides a vehicle to harness the momentum, political will, and new resources to address this crisis now. The role that we take to effectively support this complicated work is one that does not simply rely on, but leverages, philanthropic support to maximize the return of these important resources by reinforcing our core values.

Facilitating a common agenda for change, including a shared understanding of the problem and a joint approach to solving it through agreed upon actions
Exploring opportunities to build new partnerships by bringing other voices, perspectives, and experiences into the conversation
Accepting of risk and the potential failures in exchange for the possibility of innovations through untested interventions and solutions
Consistently collecting data and measuring results across all the participants to ensure alignment and accountability
Creating a plan of action that outlines and coordinates mutually reinforcing activities for each participant
Providing open and continuous communication across the many players to build trust, assure mutual objectives, and create common motivation
Servant Leadership
Serving as the backbone organization with staff and a specific set of skills to serve the entire initiative and coordinate participating organizations and agencies