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Lived Experience Advisory Board

The LEAB (Lived Experience Advisory Board) is a leadership development body consisting of members with current or past experience of homelessness. Members use this platform to learn about and evaluate the system of care and to make recommendations for improvement.

Our Policy Actions

August 24, 2020

Letter in Support of the CIty of San Jose's Emergency Solutions Grant program recommendations.
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July 22, 2020

Shelter Resident and Staff Feedback Report Findings & Methodology Summary
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January 28, 2020

Board referral for representation on the Task Force
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August 2, 2019

Supportive Housing Employment Services RFQ
Overview & Review Panel Notes
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October 22, 2018

Recommendations for new state homelessness funding through the Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP).
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Benefits of a Lived Experience Advisory Board

Lived Experience Advisory Boards are often used at the community-level to gain feedback from those who are currently or formerly homelessness on the community’s efforts to end homelessness. Agencies serving homeless individuals and families can also benefit from incorporating opportunities to engage consumers by establishing a Lived Experience Advisory Board (LEAB) for their agency. The benefits include:

Fostering the development of self-determination, leadership skills, and sense of empowerment among consumers

Providing clear lines of communication between leadership, staff, and consumers to resolve issues as they arise and better anticipate future consumer needs

Creating a working partnership between consumers and providers to inform policy development and improve the quality and types of services provided