Measure A for Affordable Housing Kick-off and More!

Dear Friends,
We are pleased to have joined many others in our community by endorsing the Yes on Measure A Campaign for Affordable Housing. If the $950M November ballot measure is approved, it will be a game changer for ending homelessness and increasing the supply of affordable housing in our community. This bond is critical to our collective work in addressing the housing needs of so many people in our community. Measure A is the catalyst for creating housing solutions for the most vulnerable members of our community including seniors, veterans, working families and survivors of domestic violence. Find out how you can become involved in the Yes on Measure A campaign by attending the kick-off celebration! Don’t forget to RSVP!

Destination: Home is hiring!  We’re looking for a Director of Employment Strategies to join our team and lead our efforts in increasing the efficacy of Rapid Rehousing through employment partnerships and strategies creating pathways to employing recently housed individuals and families, including veterans and transition aged youth, as part of our work in implementing the Santa Clara County Community Plan to End Homelessness. If you or someone you know is interested in this new position you can apply at the link.
In Partnership,
Jennifer Loving
Executive Director, Destination: Home