Measure A Election Update!



Dear Community Partner,

Silicon Valley came out to support affordable housing where it counts…at the ballot box! We were thrilled to join Supervisor Cindy Chavez and Board President Dave Cortese at a press conference today where they announced that Measure A has passed at 67.59%!

The people of Santa Clara County have now put Silicon Valley on the road to ending homelessness. Measure A is the tool we need to create supportive and affordable housing to solve homelessness in our community. Seniors, veterans, working families, homeless youth, survivors of domestic violence and chronically homeless men and women now have the opportunity be lifted up together and will finally have a place to call home.

Thank you to the Measure A campaign team who worked tirelessly to pass this bond (thank you thank you thank you!) as well as so many of our partner organizations, elected officials and individuals throughout our community who all came together for a singular goal – ending homelessness!

Additionally, we are deeply thankful to our Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors who had the wisdom and commitment to put Measure A on the ballot and the faith in our community that it would pass.

Lastly, thank you to the voters in our community who approved the measure and who will be forever be part of ensuring the most vulnerable families can have a safe and stable place to live. You are truly amazing!

Measure A is our game changer!  Now we can move forward together to create affordable and supportive homes throughout our county.

In celebration and with gratitude,

Jennifer Loving
Executive Director, Destination: Home

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