Destination: Home and JobTrain Launch Innovative Partnership to Build Economic Stability for Individuals in Supportive Housing in Santa Clara County

Destination: Home is pleased to announce a new partnership with JobTrain, a non-profit organization providing career training and supportive services to help prepare individuals for successful, sustainable careers in high-demand and emerging fields.

Last month, JobTrain was selected to serve as the foundation for Destination: Work, an effort to connect homeless or formerly homeless people to sustained employment and housing stability. The initiative will integrate JobTrain’s Career Center approach with case management services offered by supportive housing service providers in Santa Clara County, in order to provide clients with the “whole person” support that has shown to be critical to success. The combination of career training, skills upgrades, and stabilizing resources will empower formerly homeless individuals to obtain sustainable employment and remain in stable housing.

The program is planned for launch in the beginning of 2020. Stay tuned for more updates.

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