Understanding Homelessness
in Santa Clara County

Homelessness takes many shapes and forms, and is the byproduct of several intertwined problems in our society. The fact that homelessess exists at all is the result of deep and long-standing structural inequities with roots dating back decades.

By taking the time to truly understand this complex issue, we all can play a role in ending homelessness in our community. And while the problem itself may be complex and full of nuance, we’ll quickly come to see that the answer has always been quite simple: the solution to homelessness is a home.

by the Numbers

Today, homelessness represents a full-blown crisis in Santa Clara County. While our region is known as a global hub of technology and economic prosperity, several thousands of our residents are living on the streets, with tens-of-thousands more on the brink of homelessness every day.

According to the 2019 Point-in-Time (PIT) Count, there were 9,706 people experiencing homelessness in Santa Clara County - the 4th highest total of any community in the country.

Causes of

Despite stereotypes that oversimplify the nature of homelessness, the true causes of homelessness are complex and nuanced. Rather than stemming from any single cause, homelessness is typically the result of several compounding and interrelated factors that vary from person-to-person. And a deeper examination will find that the root causes of homelessness lie in entrenched, long-standing social inequities.

Solutions to

We can end homelessness in Silicon Valley. Despite the enormity of the challenge before us, we have proven strategies for reducing and preventing homelessness in our community. Because, at the end of the day, the answer is simple: the solution to homelessness is a safe, stable and affordable home.

Our Community's
Supportive Housing System

Solving homelessness will take a community effort from a wide array of partners. That’s why a broad coalition of stakeholders in Santa Clara County have come together to implement a coordinated, system-wide response to homelessness, which we call our Supportive Housing System.

How You Can Help

At Destination: Home, we engage with neighbors throughout the community to become part of the solution to homelessness. We have strategies proven to work; but we need the resources and public will to scale these solutions to meet the level of need. You’ve taken a big step in educating yourself about this great moral challenge—here’s how you can join the fight.


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