Destination: Home is always looking for dedicated, dynamic, and passionate people who are committed to ending homelessness in Santa Clara County.

Listed here are current job openings with Destination: Home:

Director of Strategic Initiatives 

Reporting to the Chief Program Officer, the Director of Strategic Initiatives is responsible for implementing strategic investment initiatives to end homelessness in Santa Clara County and the day-to-day operations of the department.

This position works closely with the Chief Program Officer to make significant impact in ending and preventing homelessness in Santa Clara County. The Director of Strategic Initiatives leads the department responsible for strategic investments to improve systems and services for vulnerable (homeless/formerly homeless/extremely low-income) people, aiding the community-wide effort to center these collective efforts on lived experience and increasing racial and socio-economic equity and justice. This role plays a critical role in advancing anti-racist policies and practices to address root causes of homelessness, inequity and injustice — within the organization, external stakeholders and upstream systems.

Current initiatives focus on homelessness prevention, employment pathways, veterans, technology and emerging work in race equity, lived experience, and social enterprise. The Director of Strategic Initiatives will manage multiple priorities and has strong relationship skills with diverse stakeholders (non-profit organizations, local government and system partners, advocates and community groups) and deep knowledge of operating a department within an organization. The Director of Strategic Initiatives will work closely with partners and key donors to deliver high-quality service and ensure strategic investments drive change and help reach the overall goals and mission of D:H and the goals of the Community Plan to End Homelessness.

For more information please view the full job description on the Silicon Valley Community Foundation website.*

*Note: Destination: Home is a supporting organization of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. All job recruitments are conducted in partnership with SVCF and all candidates must apply via the SVCF website.