Funding Impactful Strategies

We’ve invested more than $178 million in our community in the last five years. But the money is only the beginning of the story. We’re working to demonstrate the ability of philanthropy in driving systems change.

We have given power to people with lived experience in the decision-making process, moved cash directly into the hands of people who know how best to keep their families safe and stable, and eliminated barriers to funding for small BIPOC organizations that have historically faced challenges in accessing public and private funds. As a result, we’ve seen impacts that go far beyond the metrics. 

Homelessness can be solved. We have strategies proven to work – and now we need to scale these solutions to meet the level of need in our community.

Keep reading for more on Destination: Home’s strategic investments focused on three key areas:

Helping Families Prevent Homelessness with Direct Financial Assistance

Increasing Our Supply of Deeply Affordable Housing

  • We have invested $71 million in 33 Supportive / ELI housing developments with 3,300 new units. These dollars also leveraged an additional $1.5 billion in local funding.
  • Capacity-building grants to the cities of San Jose, Mountain View, Campbell and Morgan Hill are boosting deeply affordable housing supply and reducing development timelines. By funding a San Jose city planner solely focused on the review of deeply affordable and supportive housing projects, we’ve helped shave two months off the production timeline.

Building a Stronger & More Equitable System

  • To help our Supportive Housing System work in a more coordinated, efficient and equitable way, our investments are supporting the development and launch of the client-facing platform MyConnectSV
  • We’re bolstering provider capacity and infrastructure by granting individuals with lived experience and nonprofit organizations working within our Supportive Housing System TECHquity Fund grants to provide technology to support their work and stability.
  • Through our Andre Ellison Equity Fund, we’re partnering with local grassroots organizations and granting them flexible funding to increase their ability to end and prevent homelessness.

Many of our investments are funded through our Supportive Housing and Innovation Fund, which was seeded by a $50 million gift from Cisco and supplemented by a $50 million contribution from Apple. 

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