Our Partners

Through our collective impact model, we work closely with a wide array of public and private partners to advance strategies for ending homelessness in Silicon Valley.

Our partners represent major institutions and entities that can help drive the type of systemic change needed to solve homelessness. This includes: local governments, major corporations, philanthropic organizations, affordable housing developers, non-profit service providers, elected officials, community advocates, neighborhood leaders and individuals with lived experience.

By working together to set a common agenda and develop mutually-reinforcing strategies, we’re able to drive the type of systemic change necessary to end homelessness in our community.

Our Funders

At Destination: Home, we work to generate and secure the financial resources needed to scale proven solutions to homelessness. We are fortunate to have many funders who are who are joining the movement to end homelessness in Silicon Valley, including several of our local government partners who have collectively invested hundreds of millions of dollars, and a growing number of businesses and private organizations – headlined by major philanthropic contributions from Cisco and Apple.

Applied Materials FoundationArcadia Foundationcrown familySobrato Family FoundationSobrato PhilanthopiesTOSA Foundation

We direct these dollars to scale data-driven solutions, incubate new ideas and approaches, and support the important work being done by our partners. Read more about how we fund impactful strategies.

We are also grateful for the many supporters that stepped up throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to offer financial and in-kind donations. Visit our COVID-19 Funders page for more information.

Lived Experience Advisory Board

At Destination: Home, we strive to ensure that our work is informed by those who have experienced homelessness. That’s why we work closely with the Lived Experience Advisory Board – a local leadership development body consisting of members with current or past experience of homelessness. 

Learn more about the Lived Experience Advisory Board

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