Public Policy & Advocacy

We must have sound public policies in place at all levels of government in order to create the type of systemic change needed to truly end homelessness.

At Destination: Home, our public policy and advocacy efforts are focused on advancing real solutions that address the root causes of our crisis and ensure that our most vulnerable residents have a stable home. We engage in all stages of the policy process – from research and policy development to coalition-building and advocacy. And our unique public-private partnership allows us to bring stakeholders and decision-makers together to not only develop smart and impactful policies but also ensure that these proposals are ultimately adopted into law.

Our Guiding Principles in Public Policy

All of our policy work is centered on advancing our key strategies for ending homelessness, and is guided by the following principles:

Federal, state, regional and local efforts to address homelessness should be centered around Housing First strategies.

All housing policies and programs should prioritize the development of Extremely Low Income and Supportive Housing.

A greater emphasis is needed on homelessness prevention strategies that can help people maintain stable housing.

Land use and development policies must help accelerate the production of more deeply affordable housing and support a more equitable form of housing development.

Policies at all levels of government should help reduce systemic racial disparities that have caused people of color to be disproportionately impacted by homelessness.

Every jurisdiction, community and neighborhood must play a role in ending homelessness.

Learn more about how we’re advancing Affordable Housing Policies that are helping accelerate the development of more ELI and Supportive Housing.

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