Case Studies

The collaborative work of Destination: Home and our partners has been featured in several publications, highlighting the success of public-private partnerships and our collective action strategies in addressing homelessness in our community. 

Homelessness prevention system: Santa Clara County, CA

Results For America studied our community-wide Homelessness Prevention System and identified the challenges, successes and key strategies implemented to keep thousands of Santa Clara County residents housed.

Collaborating to End Homelessness

In an effort to exemplify and highlight city-county collaborations that improved economic mobility,  Results For America featured the County of Santa Clara, City of San Jose and Destination: Home in a case study demonstrating the success of our public-private partnership in ending homelessness. While the community-wide effort to address our County’s homelessness crisis is ongoing, our collaboration has achieved several significant milestones such as housing more than 14,000 people.

San Jose/Santa Clara County, California: Response to homelessness during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This case study by the Urban Institute captures the homelessness response in San Jose and Santa Clara during the COVID-19 pandemic in which the close collaboration among County of Santa Clara’s Continuum of Care partners allowed for a swift, equitable and comprehensive response to take place. 

Emergency Rental Assistance Case Study

The National Low Income Housing Coalition examined the emergency rental assistance provided by the Santa Clara County Homelessness Prevention System, a network of 70 partner organizations, and how this coordinated effort was able to successfully reach and serve households with the lowest incomes.

A Practical Guide: Working Together to Address Homelessness 

Ending homelessness is possible when all members of our community work together. As part of their deep partnership with Destination: Home to support this work, Cisco created this resource guide, outlining the collective approach and proven solutions to homelessness implemented by Santa Clara County’s Continuum of Care partners.

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