Supportive Housing Map

The solution to homelessness is more affordable and supportive housing with a prioritization for the poorest and most vulnerable residents.

This interactive map shows progress made to date, including housing funded by the County’s 2016 Measure A Affordable Housing Bond and all homes with supportive services throughout our community. Note that many Bond-funded housing developments also include affordable homes for families with very low and extremely low income (about $50,000 and below). The map is part of our Housing Ready Communities initiative.

Map Instructions

Click the “A Funded” button to switch between views (showing all supportive housing or only developments funded by the Affordable Housing Bond).

Click checkboxes on the top and left side of the map to show new housing developments you are interested in. Click on house icons on the map for images and more information about each development. If the map does not load correctly, please refresh your browser.

Housing Ready Communities

The interactive supportive housing map is part of our Housing Ready Communities initiative. Learn more and get involved at

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