Santa Clara County Continuum of Care Activities to Protect and Assist Homeless Individuals During the COVID-19 Crisis

We know that the spread of the COVID-19 could be particularly dangerous for those experiencing homelessness. Individuals without stable housing not only face greater difficulty taking preventative actions, but they are generally already in poorer health than other Santa Clara County residents.

As part of the countywide public health response to the coronavirus, the County of Santa Clara and the City of San José are working with the Centers for Disease Control, Public Health, Destination: Home and our partners on a coordinated effort to slow transmission of COVID-19, to mitigate the impact that novel coronavirus could have on homeless individuals and families, and to identify resources for those people that need isolation but have no home.

Read the entire statement from the Continuum of Care partners re: efforts underway to protect and assist homeless individuals during the COVID-19 crisis.

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