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Housing Ready Communities

The Housing Ready Communities initiative brings together neighbors, community groups, nonprofits, government and housing developers to take action and support approval of new supportive housing and extremely low income affordable housing in Santa Clara County.
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What is a "housing ready" community?

Housing Ready Communities are aware of our homelessness crisis, understand that supportive housing is a proven solution to end homelessness, and take action to support new housing development.

Housing Ready Communities organize, show up and speak out to dispel myths about homelessness and talk with neighbors about the urgent need for affordable and supportive housing.

Can we count on you to help us build Housing Ready Communities in Santa Clara County?

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RCD Housing, Sango Court, Milpitas

PATH Ventures and Affirmed Housing, Villas on the Park, San Jose

First Community Housing, Second Street Studios, San Jose

Charities Housing, Page Street, San Jose

RCD Housing, Quetzal Gardens, San Jose

Charities Housing, Parkside Studios, Sunnyvale

Danco Communities, Gateway Senior Apartments, Gilroy

Santa Clara County Housing Authority, Laurel Grove and Park Avenue, San Jose

MidPen, Edwina Benner, Sunnyvale

First Community Housing, Leigh Avenue Senior Apartments, San Jose

Palo Alto Housing, Eagle Park Apartments, Mountain View

Our Community Plan to End Homelessness sets a goal of creating 6,000 new homes with supportive services spread throughout every city and district in our community.

Thanks to 2016 voter approval of the County of Santa Clara Affordable Housing Bond, federal tax credit programs, and investment from cities and private sector partners, funding is available to help reach this goal.

But money is not the only challenge, and we need help in your neighborhood and at public meetings to build support and make sure proposed developments are approved and funded. Your voice will make a difference. To get involved, join the Housing Ready Communities Action Network today!

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Supportive Housing Map

This interactive map shows progress made to date, including housing funded by the County’s 2016 Measure A Affordable Housing Bond and all homes with supportive services throughout our community.

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Supportive Housing Ends Homelessness

What is the challenge we face?

Homelessness impacts people and neighborhoods throughout Santa Clara County.

Our homeless population is diverse, including veterans, families with children and working adults.

The housing crisis affects us all, but is most severe for people with very low or extremely low income.

What is the solution?

Supportive housing is proven to end homelessness.

Managing homelessness is expensive. Ending homelessness is more cost-efficient.

We are making progress with new housing throughout the county.

Supportive housing means nice apartment buildings that are neighborhood assets.

How can you help?

You can make a difference! Join the Housing Ready Communities Action Network to make sure we build new housing for those who need it most.

Sign up for updates & action alerts

Speak out at community meetings

Use the hashtags

Invite others to join the Action Network

The Housing Ready Communities Action Network also maintains communication channels using a Google Groups email list and a Slack workspace.
Contact us using the form below for access to either of these channels.


The County of Santa Clara Toolkit website contains a wealth of resources, answers to frequently asked questions and downloadable action guides.

Housing Ready Community’s Toolkit website

Interactive supportive housing map

Presentation, Action Guide and other downloads

Contact Us

We welcome your questions, feedback and participation. Please also let us know if you would like us to come talk about the Housing Ready Communities initiative (and how to get involved) with your co-workers, your faith community, or other groups in your neighborhood.

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