Power and Unity: Mobilizing for Action

The 2024 National Lived Experience Leadership Conference will bring together activists, local leaders, and people with homelessness experience to build power and unity – and to mobilize for action to end homelessness. 

This annual conference will be hosted for the first time on the West Coast, featuring panel discussions, action labs, and workshops led by experts in the field – including people with lived experience of homelessness. Every aspect of this conference – from logistics planning to session themes – is being informed by the perspectives of the people who are most impacted by this issue. 

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This gathering will bring together change agents with recent homelessness experience and local leaders to mobilize for action to end homelessness. Please join us in welcoming this important group to Silicon Valley by supporting the conference. 

For every $5,000 contributed, we can support 4 people in attending the conference. More details are available in this supporter package or by contacting

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About the Conference Hosts

National Coalition for the Homeless envisions a world where everyone has a safe decent, affordable and accessible home. Our mission is to prevent and end homelessness while ensuring the immediate needs of those experiencing homelessness are met and their civil rights protected. We believe that safe, decent, and affordable housing is a human right (as written in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article Twenty-Five, Section One).

Destination: Home is a public-private partnership ending homelessness in Silicon Valley. Through our collective impact model, we convene and collaborate with stakeholders across the community to address the root causes of homelessness and drive systemic change. We embrace a data-driven and human approach – advocating for policies, incubating new ideas and programs, and investing in strategies to connect more of our homeless neighbors to a stable home and prevent homelessness before it begins. Our work is grounded in a commitment to advancing racial and socioeconomic justice. Working together, we can build a community where homelessness is rare, brief and non-recurring.

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